The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Students

The best ChatGPT plugins for students include AskYourPDF, Wolfram, ScholarAI, Doc Maker, and Show Me. Each one of these ChatGPT plugins helps students make their learning process easier and more seamless by providing good features and tools to assist each student with assignments, examinations, general studying, and/or research.

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The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Students
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The best ChatGPT plugins for students include AskYourPDF, Wolfram, ScholarAI, Doc Maker, and Show Me. Each one of these ChatGPT plugins helps students make their learning process easier and more seamless by providing good features and tools to assist each student with assignments, examinations, general studying, and/or research.
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The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Students
The best ChatGPT plugins for students include AskYourPDF, Wolfram, ScholarAI, Doc Maker, and Show Me. Each one of these ChatGPT plugins helps students make their learning process easier and more seamless by providing good features and tools to assist each student with assignments, examinations, general studying, and/or research.
ChatGPT plugins hold immense importance for students because they help transform their learning experience and empower them to excel academically. By integrating plugins, ChatGPT becomes a personalized learning companion, providing access to specialized knowledge, simplifying complex tasks, and enhancing comprehension through diverse modalities.
These plugins enable students to go deep into specific subjects, solve complicated problems, and make up concepts for their better understanding.
As a result, if you're a student, you can tackle challenging problems, conduct thorough research, and gain a deeper understanding of your studies. This will ultimately lead to improved academic performance and a more fulfilling learning journey.
In this article, we will be dishing out the best ChatGPT plugins for students so you can know what to integrate into your account. We will also tell you about their features and how they can help you with academics. We will also provide examples of how you can properly utilize these tools. So, let's dive right in!

Benefits of Using ChatGPT Plugins for Students

ChatGPT is a versatile AI chatbot with a wide range of applications, from answering questions to assisting with writing, coding, and more. What makes it even more powerful are its plugins. Plugins are extensions for ChatGPT, augmenting its capabilities beyond text generation. They allow ChatGPT to perform specialized tasks and access external information or services.
For students like you, using ChatGPT with plugins is a game-changer in enhancing your learning experience. You can benefit from instant access to features like math solving, language translation, citation generation, and more, all within the chat interface. This helps narrow your research, problem-solving, and content creation, saving time and promoting productivity. Using ChatGPT plugins is like having a knowledgeable companion that provides on-the-spot assistance, making your learning journey more efficient and rewarding.
The best ChatGPT plugins for students include:
  • AskYourPDF
  • Wolfram
  • ScholarAI
  • Show Me
  • Doc Maker


AskYourPDF is an amazing time-saving tool that simplifies the process of extracting vital information from lengthy documents in various formats. Students can now swiftly find answers and insights within extensive texts with ease.
In the world of academia, where lengthy PDF documents are commonplace, AskYourPDF can help you extract key information efficiently and gain understanding without getting bogged down in lengthy texts.
AskYourPDF acts as a personal research assistant, helping students navigate complex documents and quickly find the necessary information. Its ability to summarize research papers, extract data from reports, and analyze complex documents saves students hours of tedious reading and manual note-taking.
Imagine facing a lengthy research paper filled with technical jargon and complex concepts. With AskYourPDF, you can quickly generate a concise summary, highlighting the paper's main findings, methodology, and conclusions, providing you with a clear overview without the need to read every detail of the document.
Similarly, when faced with a detailed report filled with charts, tables, and figures, AskYourPDF can seamlessly extract the relevant data. This allows you to analyze trends, compare values, and draw meaningful conclusions without manually sifting through pages of information.
Even complex documents with complicated structures and multiple sections can be easily analyzed using AskYourPDF. You can ask specific questions about the document, such as identifying key arguments, extracting key terms, or summarizing specific sections, to gain a comprehensive understanding without getting lost in the details.
AskYourPDF has lots of features, but the most important of them include:
  • Efficient information retrieval
  • Quick answers and insights
  • Summarizing documents
  • Data extraction
  • Analyzing Complex Documents

How to use

To provide AskYourPDF with the document for analysis, you can choose from various convenient methods:
  • Provide a direct URL to the document if it's available online, ensuring the link ends with ".pdf" or another supported file format like ”.doc, .docx, .ppt”.
  • Share a link to your document stored on cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.
Once the document is successfully uploaded, you can initiate the summarization process by entering a prompt in the ChatGPT console.


AskYourPDF provides a tiered pricing structure to cater to basic and advanced usage needs. While a free plan exists, it has restricted features, making it suitable for occasional use or simple tasks. If you're seeking a more comprehensive option, paid plans start at $9.99 monthly, offering unlimited questions, extended answer lengths, and priority support.
Below is a table showing a more detailed pricing structure:
1. 100 pages per document(max 15MB)
2. Max upload size: 15MB
3. 50 questions per day
4. 3 conversations per day
5. 1 document per day
1. 2500 pages per document(max 30MB)
2. Max upload size: 30MB
3. 1200 questions per day
4. 50 conversations per day
5. 50 documents per day
6. Chrome Extension Access
1. 6000 pages per document(max 90MB)
2. Max upload size: 90MB
3. Unlimited questions per day
4. Unlimited conversations per day
5. 150 documents per day
6. Chrome Extension Access
7. Unlimited ChatGPT Plugin Question
8. OCR Support
9. Longer Reply Length
10. Priority support
11. Priority access to new features
Enterprise (Custom)
Go all out. Contact customer care
Go all out. Contact customer care
1. Get everything on Pro plan.
2. Unlimited pages per document
3. Custom Max upload size
4. Unlimited questions per day
5. Unlimited conversations
6. Unlimited documents per day
7. Customizable Link
8. Dedicated 24/7 Support
The table above outlines the pricing and features of different subscription plans for the mentioned service/tool.


AskYourPDF boasts several strengths, including:
  • ability to extract information from PDF documents with precision
  • fact-checking capabilities to ensure accuracy
  • user-friendly interface for seamless navigation


AskYourPDF has some limitations, which include:
  • Restricted features of the free plan.
  • Relatively high cost of paid plans.


Wolfram, a powerful plugin for ChatGPT, unlocks a world of mathematical possibilities by integrating Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram Language into ChatGPT's repertoire. This integration transforms ChatGPT into a versatile mathematical tool, allowing you to solve complex calculations, deepen your understanding of mathematical concepts, and explore diverse applications of mathematics.
With Wolfram, students can effortlessly tackle complex calculations, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus problems. Whether solving equations, evaluating integrals, or exploring complex numerical analysis, Wolfram provides the computational power to handle even the most challenging mathematical tasks.
Beyond calculations, Wolfram assists students in grasping mathematical concepts with greater clarity. By providing detailed explanations, step-by-step solutions, and interactive visualizations, Wolfram helps students visualize abstract concepts, understand underlying principles, and gain a deeper appreciation for the elegance of mathematics.
Furthermore, Wolfram opens doors to exploring the vast applications of mathematics in various fields. You can utilize Wolfram to model real-world phenomena, analyze data sets, simulate physical systems, and explore the connections between mathematics and other disciplines, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematics's role in the world around them.

How to use

To utilize the Wolfram plugin, query it within ChatGPT by typing "Wolfram," followed by your query. For example, to solve an equation, you might type "Wolfram: Solve x^2 + 4x - 5 = 0." To visualize a mathematical concept, enter "Wolfram: Graph y = sin(x)." And to explore real-world applications, you could ask, "Wolfram: Model the trajectory of a projectile."
Remember to phrase your queries clearly and provide sufficient context for Wolfram to understand your intent.


Wolfram offers free trial and payment plans for middle and high school, college, and university students. For students in high school, paid plans start at $55 per year, and for those in colleges, $220 per year.


  • extensive mathematical capabilities
  • ability to provide detailed explanations and visualizations


  • The payment plan is quite expensive for the average student.


ScholarAI is a comprehensive knowledge base and research tool for students, providing access to a vast collection of peer-reviewed papers and scientific literature. With ScholarAI integrated into ChatGPT, students gain a powerful ally in their academic endeavours, enabling them to find relevant research papers efficiently, understand complex topics, and ensure the credibility of the information they encounter.
ScholarAI's extensive database encompasses millions of scholarly articles covering various academic disciplines and research areas. This vast collection provides students with a comprehensive resource for conducting thorough research, exploring diverse perspectives, and staying abreast of the latest developments in their fields of study.
ScholarAI offers advanced search capabilities, allowing students to pinpoint relevant papers based on keywords, topics, authors, or publication dates. This targeted search functionality saves students valuable time, ensuring they can quickly locate the most pertinent sources for their research.
Also, ScholarAI assures the credibility of information by verifying the authenticity of sources, identifying potential biases, and cross-referencing information with reputable databases. This emphasis on credibility empowers students to evaluate the information they encounter critically.

How to use

To initiate ScholarAI's assistance, type your research topic directly into ChatGPT. The system will analyze your input, seamlessly activate the ScholarAI plugin, and generate a comprehensive response. This response will present a collection of relevant peer-reviewed studies, providing you with the name, abstract, author, and direct link to each study, allowing you to quickly access and explore the most pertinent research for your topic.


ScholarAI offers a tiered pricing structure, with a free plan providing limited access to its features, suitable for occasional use or basic tasks. For more comprehensive research needs, paid plans start at $4.99 monthly, and premium plans start at $8.99.


  • vast collection of scholarly articles
  • advanced search capabilities
  • emphasis on information credibility


  • limited free plan
  • bias in search results or summaries

Show Me

Show Me is a transformative plugin for ChatGPT, allowing students to visualize complex concepts and enhance their comprehension through various diagrams and illustrations. By transforming abstract ideas into visually engaging representations, Show Me fosters a deeper understanding of complicated subjects and facilitates effective learning.
Show Me's versatility extends to various visual representations, including mind maps, flowcharts, concept maps, and other diagrams. By narrowing the visual format to the specific concept, students can effectively organize information, highlight key points, and reveal connections that might remain hidden in text-based explanations.
For instance, if you struggle to grasp the relationships between different components of a biological system, you can use Show Me to create a detailed concept map. By visualizing the interconnectedness of these components, you gain a clearer understanding of the system's overall structure and function.
By harnessing the power of visualization, students can enhance their comprehension, retain information more effectively, and foster a deeper understanding of complex subjects.

How to use

To effectively utilize the Show Me plugin, you need to clearly indicate the desired visual representation you want to show, such as a mind map, flowchart, or concept map, and concisely describe the concept to be visualized, including key points, relationships, and relevant details.


If you're a student with occasional visualization needs, Show Me has a free plan that might suffice. However, consider upgrading to a paid plan to access the full range of Show Me's capabilities for more frequent or advanced visual representations. Their paid plans start at $4.99.


  • ability to transform abstract concepts into visual representations
  • accessible to special learners—students with disabilities


  • can sometimes be misinterpreted or lead to oversimplification of complex concepts.
  • Level of customization might be restricted.

A+ Doc Maker

A+ Doc Maker is a plugin that seamlessly integrates into ChatGPT, transforming it into a versatile document creation tool. This plugin empowers users to convert text inputs into various widely used document formats, including Docx, XLSX, PDF, CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, and JSON. Whether you're on the go or facing limited access to traditional document editing software, Doc Maker provides a convenient and efficient solution for document creation.
With A+ Doc Maker, you can effortlessly convert your text into the desired format, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and applications. This flexibility eliminates the need for multiple software programs and streamlines your workflow, especially when working with different types of documents.

How to use

To use A+ Doc Maker, specify the target document format and provide the text you wish to convert. The plugin will then activate, seamlessly transforming your text into the specified format and generating a link for immediate access to the newly created document.


A+ Doc Maker has both free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $16.99 per month.


  • allows you to create high-quality PDF documents
  • variety of features for formatting and editing PDF documents
  • allows you to add images and other media to PDF documents.


  • Paid plans can be expensive for the average student.
  • Interfaces can be a bit complex.


ChatGPT plugins revolutionize the learning experience for students, allowing them to achieve academic excellence through a comprehensive suite of specialized tools. These plugins transform ChatGPT into a versatile learning counterpart, providing access to specialized knowledge, facilitating complex tasks, and enhancing comprehension through diverse modalities.
By embracing ChatGPT plugins as a student, you can improve your learning journey by gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and developing essential skills for academic success with these plugins. These plugins will empower you to become a self-directed learner, maximizing your potential and achieving your educational goals.
Thank you for reading. Until next time.


How do you install ChatGPT plugins?

To unlock the power of ChatGPT plugins, follow these straightforward steps:
  1. Enable Plugins: Navigate to the "Beta Features" tab within your account settings and activate the Plugins option.
  1. Access the Plugin Store: Select the GPT-4 model and open the drop-down menu. Click on the Plugin Store option to browse available plugins.
  1. Install and Use: Choose the plugin you wish to install and follow the prompts. Some plugins install instantly, while others require creating a third-party account and linking it to your OpenAI account.

Are ChatGPT plugins free?

While ChatGPT plugins themselves are free to use on ChatGPT, accessing them requires a ChatGPT premium subscription. This is because plugins rely on the GPT-4 model's ability to access and process information from the internet.

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