The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Data Analysis

The best ChatGPT plugins for data analysis include AskYourPDF, Notable, ChatwithGit, Wolfram, and GAnalyticsAI. There are many other good ChatGPT plugins for data analysis; however, we have hand-picked these because these are some of the powerful ones that we think you should have integrated into your ChatGPT.

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The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Data Analysis
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The best ChatGPT plugins for data analysis include AskYourPDF, Notable, ChatwithGit, Wolfram, and GAnalyticsAI. There are many other good ChatGPT plugins for data analysis; however, we have hand-picked these because these are some of the powerful ones that we think you should have integrated into your ChatGPT.
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The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Data Analysis
The best ChatGPT plugins for data analysis include AskYourPDF, Notable, ChatwithGit, Wolfram, and GAnalyticsAI. There are many other good ChatGPT plugins for data analysis; however, we have hand-picked these because these are some of the powerful ones that we think you should have integrated into your ChatGPT.
Data analysis is essential for extracting meaningful insights from vast amounts of data. However, traditional data analysis tools often require specialized knowledge, complex software, and time-consuming workflows. ChatGPT plugins change this process by introducing a seamless and intuitive approach to data exploration and understanding.
ChatGPT plugins seamlessly integrate with the conversational interface, allowing users to access data analysis capabilities without switching between applications or learning complex coding syntax. It also enables users to interact with data through natural language queries. You can ask questions about your data and receive clear, concise answers.
In this article, we will tell you about the best ChatGPT plugin for your data analysis. We will give an idea of their features, payment plans, and the advantages and limitations of using them. By the end of this article, you will be able to see reasons to narrow down your workflow and get a better understanding of your datasets by using these plugins. Let's begin.
The ChatGPT plugins for data analysis that we've hand-picked include:
  • AskYourPDF
  • Noteable
  • ChatwithGit
  • Wolfram
  • GAnalyticsAI


AskYourPDF is a powerful ChatGPT plugin that transforms PDF documents and other formats into an interactive conversational tool, allowing you to extract valuable insights and simplify data analysis tasks. By using natural language processing, AskYourPDF bridges the gap between static PDFs and dynamic data exploration.
The key features of AskYourPDF for data analysis include:
  1. Data Extraction and Summarization: AskYourPDF can extract key data points, summarize lengthy passages, and identify patterns within documents. This facilitates quick comprehension of complex datasets and lets you focus on critical information.
  1. Question-Answering: AskYourPDF allows you to pose natural language questions about the content of documents. The plugin analyzes the document and provides concise, relevant answers, eliminating the need for manual searching and reducing analysis time.
  1. Accessibility and Efficiency: AskYourPDF eliminates the need for manual data extraction and analysis, saving time and effort. It also makes PDF content more accessible to those with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

How it works

To use the AskYourPDF Plugin, first upload the PDF document to the AskYourPDF platform by providing a URL link or directly uploading the file. The plugin will then process the uploaded PDF, extracting text and structural information. It then indexes the content, making it searchable and ready for natural language queries.
Then, interact with the plugin by querying the document through natural language questions, such as "What is the main topic of this PDF?" or "What are the key findings of this research paper?". The plugin analyzes the query, identifying keywords, context, and intent. It then matches the query to the indexed content of the PDF.
The plugin retrieves relevant information from the PDF based on the query. This may involve extracting specific passages, summarizing key points, or identifying relevant data points. The plugin generates a concise and informative response to the query, presenting the retrieved information in a clear and understandable format.


AskYourPDF offers a free plan with limited features and three paid plans with unlimited features.
The free plan allows you to:
  • Ask up to 50 questions per day.
  • Upload up to 100 pages per document.
  • Access the AskYourPDF Chrome extension.
The paid plan starts at $9.99 per month and allows you to:
  • Ask unlimited questions per day.
  • Upload unlimited pages per document.
  • Access the AskYourPDF Chrome extension.
  • Save conversations
  • Bookmark queries
  • Chat with agents.
To upgrade to the paid plan, you can go to the AskYourPDF website and click on the "Upgrade" button.
  • Saves time and effort
  • Allows interaction with documents using natural language.
  • May not fully understand the concept of a query.


Noteable is a powerful plugin for ChatGPT that enables users to create and manage data analysis notebooks directly within the conversational interface. It provides a seamless and intuitive way to explore, analyze, and visualize data, making it an invaluable tool for data scientists, analysts, and anyone who works with data.
The key features of the Noteable Plugin include:
  • Code Integration: It allows users to write and execute Python and SQL code directly within ChatGPT, enabling them to perform data cleaning, transformation, and analysis tasks without switching to a separate coding environment.
  • Text Formatting: Users can create rich text cells to document their findings, add explanations, and provide context for their data analysis.
  • Collaboration Support: Users can share their notebooks with collaborators, enabling them to collaborate on data analysis projects and exchange ideas.

How it Works

To use the Noteable plugin, you must first upgrade to a ChatGPT Plus account, which grants you access to various third-party plugins within the ChatGPT platform. Once you have upgraded to ChatGPT Plus, navigate to the settings and enable the "Plugins" option in the "Beta Features" section.
Upon activating "Plugins," you will find the "Plugins'' option under the GPT-4 model within your ChatGPT platform. Select "Plugins" and access the plugin store. Search for "Noteable" and install the plugin. After installation, locate the Noteable plugin among your installed plugins and enable it. Now you are ready to use the Noteable plugin.

Pricing Plans

Noteable offers a free plan with basic features and limited storage. Paid plans provide more storage, advanced features, and collaboration capabilities. Paid plans start at $30 per month. Pricing varies depending on the plan and the number of users.


  • Easy to use
  • It combines code execution with rich text formatting to enable users to document their analysis and provide context alongside code outputs.


  • May not support other programming languages that users might need for specific tasks.
  • Performance may be affected compared to more complex data analysis.


ChatwithGit is a powerful ChatGPT plugin that seamlessly connects you to GitHub's vast repository of code snippets, enabling you to find relevant code examples, explore different approaches, and refine your programming skills for data analysis tasks.
Key Features:
  1. Efficient Code Search: ChatwithGit allows you to search for specific code snippets across GitHub repositories, saving you time and effort in finding the right code for your data analysis tasks.
  1. AI-Powered Search: Leveraging the AI capabilities of ChatGPT, ChatwithGit understands your query and fetches the most relevant code chunks based on your specific needs.
  1. Language-Specific Search: You can refine your search to target a specific programming language, making finding code that fits your current data analysis project easier.
  1. Repository-Specific Search: You can narrow your search to a particular GitHub repository, allowing you to quickly locate code in projects you're familiar with or interested in.
  1. Enhanced Productivity: By providing relevant code snippets based on your queries, ChatwithGit simplifies your coding process, helps you find solutions faster, and enhances your overall productivity in data analysis tasks.

How to use

To use the ChatwithGit plugin for ChatGPT, you need to upgrade to a ChatGPT Plus account and install the plugin. Once installed, find the ChatwithGit plugin among your installed plugins and enable it.
To search for code using ChatwithGit, type your query in natural language. For example, you could ask, "Find code for calculating the standard deviation in Python." ChatwithGit will display the most relevant code snippets based on your query. You can review the code, copy it, or save it for later use.


ChatwithGit is available as a free plugin. However, paid plans start at $4/month.


  • It helps you save time by quickly locating the code you need from GitHub's massive collection of code snippets.
  • It helps you learn new coding techniques, improve your coding skills, and write more efficient data analysis code.


  • May misinterpret complex search terms or subtle language, leading to less relevant results.
  • May not fully understand the context and purpose of the code snippets it retrieves.


The Wolfram plugin enhances ChatGPT's capabilities by providing access to the vast Wolfram Alpha Knowledgebase and the versatile Wolfram programming language. This integration empowers ChatGPT to perform complex computations, access real-time data, and generate insightful visualizations directly within the ChatGPT environment.
With this plugin, ChatGPT can tackle a wide range of tasks, including:
  • Complex Calculations: Seamlessly calculate large numbers' factorials, determine polynomial equations' roots, and perform advanced computations using Wolfram Language.
  • Real-time Data Access: Retrieve and analyze real-time data from various sources, enabling informed decision-making and dynamic data exploration.
  • Visualization Creation: Generate informative plots of functions, create detailed maps of specific regions, and produce interactive charts and 3D models using Wolfram Language.

How to use

To access Wolfram's knowledge and capabilities, type "Wolfram," followed by your query within ChatGPT. For instance, to solve an equation, type "Wolfram: Solve x^2 + 4x - 5 = 0." To visualize a mathematical concept, enter "Wolfram: Graph y = sin(x)." To explore real-world applications, ask "Wolfram: Model the trajectory of a projectile."
Remember to phrase your questions clearly and provide enough context for Wolfram to understand what you're asking.


Wolfram offers a free trial and payment plans for different plans. However, standard plans start at $1000 per year.


  • Extensive mathematical capabilities
  • Ability to provide detailed explanations and visualizations


  • Payment plans can be expensive.


ChatGPT bridges the gap between users and their Google Analytics data, providing an easy way to access valuable insights without requiring technical expertise. This AI-powered tool simplifies data retrieval and analysis, allowing users to make informed decisions based on their website's performance and user behavior.
The key features of the Google Analytics ChatGPT plugin include:
  • Simplified Data Access: The plugin eliminates the need for manual data extraction and analysis, allowing users to interact with Google Analytics through natural language prompts and commands. This intuitive approach makes retrieving information effortless and efficient.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Using AI technology, the plugin gives users a deeper understanding of their website's performance, user behavior, and key metrics. It can track traffic trends, identify high-performing pages, analyze user engagement, and deliver valuable insights to guide data-driven decisions.
  • Continuous Improvement: The AI model learns from user interactions and feedback, continuously improving its accuracy and personalization. The plugin delivers more tailored and relevant results with each interaction, enhancing the user experience.

How it works

GanalyticsAI connects with your Google Analytics account and then accesses and analyzes your website traffic data. Having eliminated the need to go through the complex menus and filters of the Google Analytics app itself, you can ask direct questions in natural language. GanalyticsAI will review your prompts and retrieve the relevant data according to your query.


You only need to pay for ChatGPT Plus. But if you want the best from Google Analytics, you must subscribe to their paid plans. The standard plan costs $150,000 per year. You can also choose to use the free version of this plugin.


  • Allows collaborations
  • You can interact with data obtained from your Google Analytics account.


  • Complex queries can be misinterpreted.
  • Paid plans for Google Analytics are quite expensive.


You can be at the top of your game with data analysis when you use ChatGPT plugins. ChatGPT plugins can be a useful tool for data analysis by providing simplified data access, AI-powered insights, and a conversational interface to enable data analysts like you to rev up your data exploration, enhance your analytical skills, and streamline your workflows.
Incorporate these plugins into your daily workflow to elevate your analytical prowess. Thank you for reading!

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