The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Financial Analysis

The best ChatGPT plugins for financial analysis are AskYourPDF, PortfolioPilot, Boolio Invest, CreditYelp, and Interest Rates. These plugins enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and improve decision-making, making them indispensable for financial professionals.

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The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Financial Analysis
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The best ChatGPT plugins for financial analysis are AskYourPDF, PortfolioPilot, Boolio Invest, CreditYelp, and Interest Rates. These plugins enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and improve decision-making, making them indispensable for financial professionals.
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The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Financial Analysis
The best ChatGPT plugins for financial analysis are AskYourPDF, PortfolioPilot, Boolio Invest, CreditYelp, and Interest Rates. These plugins enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and improve decision-making, making them indispensable for financial professionals.
ChatGPT Plugins for Financial Analysis are special tools and features that boost what ChatGPT can do in finance. They help ChatGPT make financial reports, study market trends, give information on interest rates, check credit risk, automate invoicing, and improve investment portfolios. Even though these plugins make things efficient and powerful, it's important to remember that they work best when used together with human expertise and judgment in financial decision-making.
In this article, you will learn about the best ChatGPT plugins for financial analysis available on the market.
Key Takeaways
  • The best ChatGPT plugins for financial analysis are AskYourPDF, PortfolioPilot, Boolio Invest, CreditYelp, and Interest Rates.
  • You can use these plugins to enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and improve decision-making.
  • The best pick is AskYourPDF, which provides a smart way to interact with PDF documents and seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT Plus.

The Best ChatGPT Plugins for Financial Analysis


The AskYourPDF plugin is a smart tool that changes how users work. It lets ChatGPT Plus users ask questions about the content of PDF documents and get answers. One amazing feature is that it works directly with PDFs in Google Drive and Dropbox, activating it automatically when you open a PDF from these cloud drives.
For financial analysts, this plugin streamlines document extraction and analysis. It pulls out relevant information from PDFs, making it easier to get essential data from financial reports and statements.
Analysts can save time and improve accuracy by quickly getting specific details without manual work. This hands-on approach makes comparing numbers, tracking trends, and making well-informed decisions easier.


  • It works seamlessly with ChatGPT, giving helpful answers from PDF documents.
  • It saves time and effort for financial analysts by removing the need for manual searches through PDFs.
  • You can pose natural language questions about the content of your documents.
  • Provides specific page numbers for answers, making finding and confirming information simple.
  • Operates within the chat interface, keeping documents secure without exposing them to third parties.


  • None were observed during the testing.

How to Use the AskYourPDF Plugin in ChatGPT for Financial Analysis

How to Use AskYourPDF for Financial Analysis

1. Go to From the menu at the top, click on Plugins, then select Chome Extension.
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2. Scroll down and click on Download Extension. Click on Add to Chrome, then follow the prompt or onscreen instructions.
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3. Ensure that the allow access to file URLs option is enabled in the settings for our Chrome extension. Right-click the extension > Manage extension > Enable "Allow access to file URLs."
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4. Click the "Sign in" button in the AskYourPDF extension popup menu.
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5. From there, you’ll be prompted to sign into your AskYourPDF account.
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6. Open your financial report with your Chrome browser, where you installed your AskYourPDF plugin.
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7. Once it’s open, search for the yellow AskYourPDF icon at the bottom-right corner of your browser.
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8. Click on the AskYourPDF icon and tap on Confirm to continue so you can launch the chat window and start interacting with your financial report.
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9. In the chat window, you can ask any question concerning your report. There are even question suggestions available for you.
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PortfolioPilot is a versatile plugin designed for users interested in managing their investments wisely. With its AI-driven investment coach, powered by Global Predictions' robust models, the plugin offers features such as portfolio assessment, personalized recommendations, and real-time information retrieval for various securities like stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and mutual funds.
When users inquire about financial markets or seek portfolio management insights, PortfolioPilot becomes a valuable resource. It consolidates diverse assets into a comprehensive portfolio, providing users with a clear understanding of their investment situation. The assessment considers factors like expected returns, risk, diversification, volatility, and downside protection elements such as inflation and credit risks. The outcome includes portfolio scores, risk-adjusted returns analysis, and actionable recommendations for portfolio improvement, accompanied by up-to-date information on securities and macroeconomic trends.
Additionally, the plugin facilitates efficient ETF and stock searches, offering users a streamlined way to discover suitable funds and stocks based on specified filters. Displaying a maximum of three items per list, PortfolioPilot ensures concise yet informative results for users seeking guidance in their investment decisions.


  • Users benefit from AI-driven investment coaching, which guides them in making informed decisions.
  • The plugin aggregates various assets into a single portfolio, simplifying and enhancing the management of investments.
  • Users receive up-to-date financial insights and news updates, ensuring they stay informed about market changes.
  • PortfolioPilot conducts detailed assessments, providing users with actionable recommendations to improve their investment strategies.
  • The plugin features advanced search functionality for ETFs and stocks, helping users find specific investment options more efficiently.


  • For beginners, PortfolioPilot may feel like too much because it gives a lot of detailed information.

Boolio Invest

Boolio Invest stands out as a modern ChatGPT plugin crafted to transform the way investors analyze global stock values. By leveraging advanced quantitative factor methodologies, this plugin offers a sophisticated approach to understanding the intricacies of stock values worldwide. Investors using Boolio Invest can make well-informed decisions by exploring the key factors influencing market trends, thanks to the plugin's integration with AI-powered ChatGPT technology, ensuring real-time stock value analysis.
What sets Boolio Invest apart is its robust algorithm, which provides users access to both historical and real-time stock data. This empowers investors to make informed choices, and its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to investors of all experience levels. Notably, the plugin excels at offering detailed information on various investment options, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the stock market landscape.


  • See how stocks are doing right now with real-time analysis using smart technology.
  • Learn about what affects stock values, like how they did before, what might happen in the future, and what's happening in the market.
  • Whether you're new to investing or a pro, Boolio Invest is made to be simple for everyone.
  • You can ask questions or type them; Boolio Invest works for all types of investors.
  • It helps you find information quickly, saving lots of time for faster and more efficient results.


  • Even though it's easy to use, new users might need some time to figure out everything it can do.
  • How well Boolio Invest works depends on how accurate the data it uses is. Sometimes, the information might be a bit different.


The CreditYelp ChatGPT Plugin is a specialized tool crafted to help users with financial calculations, specifically focusing on loan repayments and credit card payoffs. Situated within the all-in-one workspace of CreditYelp, it provides access to financial calculators, making it a top choice for accurate financial computations.
The CreditYelp ChatGPT Plugin’s personal loan repayment calculator is pretty impressive. The tool swiftly generates detailed breakdowns of repayment schedules, considering factors like interest rates, monthly payments, and loan terms. This, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes obtaining precise financial insights remarkably easy. It's clear that, whether you're a financial advisor, banker, freelancer, or educator, CreditYelp can significantly enhance your financial decision-making process.


  • Brings together different work apps in a smart way.
  • Shows clear plans for repaying loans and the terms for finishing them.
  • Easy-to-understand inputs and results make things straightforward.
  • It helps in making smarter money decisions.
  • It is useful for many types of professionals.


  • It might take a bit of time for users who need to get used to financial tools to get used to them.
  • Though it's great for finance experts, it may only be suitable for some because it is just a calculator for loan repayment and credit card payoffs.

Interest Rates

The Interest Rates plugin is a specialized tool created to provide users with real-time interest rates from central banks worldwide. By offering direct access to the most recent financial data, it helps users stay informed about global economic trends. Introduced to the finance category on June 22, 2023, this plugin has gained attention for its utility and user-friendly design.
Having tested the "Interest Rates" plugin, it is clear that its standout feature is easy access to real-time interest rates from the central banks of different countries. With a simple and user-friendly interface, users only need to specify the country they're interested in, and the plugin fetches the latest interest rate data directly from that country's central bank. This straightforward feature is especially beneficial for financial professionals, providing them with timely and accurate market data without the complexity of navigating through intricate databases or websites.


  • Get up-to-the-minute information on interest rates worldwide from central banks.
  • Just tell the plugin the country, and it takes care of everything.
  • It covers lots of countries, like the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, and more.
  • It is easy to use, as no special knowledge or skills are needed.


  • It depends on databases from central banks, and sometimes these databases might be available elsewhere.
  • The plugin might include information from something other than certain smaller or regional banks.


Daizy is an innovative tool created for finance professionals, serving as an all-in-one workspace and financial analysis solution. It stands out by offering a comprehensive look into the financial world, specifically focusing on ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Daizy sets itself apart by providing deep insights through institutional-grade data, covering performance metrics, risk analysis, sustainability insights, and extensive research.
The standout feature of the Daizy plugin is its asset detail analysis. It goes above and beyond to provide thorough information on individual assets, whether they are stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies. This detailed investment analysis includes performance, risk, sustainability, sentiment, and the latest news stories impacting the asset. This feature is a game-changer, equipping users with the information needed to make well-informed investment decisions backed by reliable data.


  • It gives lots of information about each asset, like how well it's doing, how risky it is, if it's sustainable, what people think about it, and recent news.
  • It makes it easy to find the best ETFs by sorting them into categories and investment themes.
  • It shows the latest prices for stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies right away.
  • Keeps users updated on the newest news that can affect different assets.
  • Provides insights into things like carbon emissions, climate impact, and diversity.
  • Measures how people feel about the market by looking at posts on


  • The plugin mainly concentrates on ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, which could restrict its usefulness for people interested in different types of financial instruments.

Invoice Pilot

Invoice Pilot is a tool crafted exclusively for ChatGPT users, focusing on making invoicing easy. It provides a smooth experience for creating and managing invoices or estimates in PDF format. Whether you're a business, freelancer, or individual, Invoice Pilot is designed to simplify invoicing, ensuring you present a professional image to your clients.
The Invoice Pilot plugin is impressive, especially with its customization features. It's not just about making standard invoices; you can personalize them to match your brand by adding logos, choosing languages, and setting specific currencies. The flexibility to apply discounts and taxes as needed adds to its versatility. It feels like a comprehensive solution for all invoicing needs, especially for those looking for a balance between automation and a personal touch.


  • Automatically create invoices and estimates.
  • Options for adding a logo, choosing language, and setting currency.
  • Direct email feature to send invoices to clients.
  • Integration with ChatGPT for a smooth user experience.
  • Prompt examples are provided for ease of use.


  • Before you start, you'll need to set up your personal or business details.


The best ChatGPT plugins for financial analysis offer a range of features to enhance productivity, streamline workflow, and provide accurate information for decision-making.
While each plugin has its own unique strengths, AskYourPDF stands out as the best pick for its innovative approach to interacting with PDF documents, offering seamless integration with ChatGPT Plus and streamlining document extraction and analysis for financial analysts.
The ability to ask questions directly about your document that needs analysis and its time-saving features make AskYourPDF a valuable tool for financial professionals.

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